2018/19 Season Has Begun

Marine Park areas are now open again which means our dive sites are ready for action and so are we. Sun is shining, shop is open, fish are plentiful and the corals are amazing. Conditions are beautiful and we already have met Mr Whaleshark at Koh Ha.

It can only mean one thing...2018/19 Season begins :)

We have all our usual Packages and if you book now, we are offering all our Packages at last seasons rates. Just drop us a line for more info.

5D4N + transfers + 9 dives @ 16,350 baht
5D4N + transfers + OWC @ 16,350 baht
4D3N + transfers + AOWC @ 15,900 baht

Just email dalton@antigravitydivers.com
See you in Koh Lanta :)