How To Choose The Right Dive Fins

dive fins, open heel fins, full foot fins, split fins, how to choose the right scuba finsOne of the first pieces of dive equipment you may want to consider purchasing after completing your dive certification is a pair of dive fins. In this post, we will give you enough information so you can make a definitive decision on choosing the right dive fins to buy.

First you will need to determine what TYPE of fins you need, whether or not you need full foot fins or open heel fins. To do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First, "Will I be walking on a rocky shore?"

Second, "Will I be climbing up a boat ladder wearing heavy equipment?" If the answer is yes, you will need open heel fins. Open heel fins allow you to use diving boots (booties) making entry and exit into the water easier. If the answer is no, then full foot fins will do just fine. Going for the open heel option is also more expensive and with the addition of boots, can add significantly to the cost. One thing to note if choosing the full foot fins option is that sometimes they can cause blisters to your feet. Wearing neoprene socks or just normal socks will get rid of this problem.

There are numerous STYLES of fins. They are:
1) Split fins that have as the name suggests a split down the centre of the fin allowing water to spin directly behind the diver, maximising efficiency.
2) Paddle style fins that move water behind the diver in an up and down motion, creating thrust.
3) Classic style fins that use the same paddle style design but are generally wider, creating more of a surface area needed when moving heavier equipment through the water. They're also generally vented to reduce stress on the diver's legs. This style of fins is very popular in Tec Diving, where a diver may have to dive with many tanks.
4) Radical design fins are new styles and shapes of fins that sometimes mimic marine animals. Divers that use these fins get a new edge in underwater efficiency.

After reading this article, you should be able to go out and pick the right fins for your diving needs.