How To Choose The Right Dive Fins

dive fins, open heel fins, full foot fins, split fins, how to choose the right scuba finsOne of the first pieces of dive equipment you may want to consider purchasing after completing your dive certification is a pair of dive fins. In this post, we will give you enough information so you can make a definitive decision on choosing the right dive fins to buy.

First you will need to determine what TYPE of fins you need, whether or not you need full foot fins or open heel fins. To do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First, "Will I be walking on a rocky shore?"

Second, "Will I be climbing up a boat ladder wearing heavy equipment?" If the answer is yes, you will need open heel fins. Open heel fins allow you to use diving boots (booties) making entry and exit into the water easier. If the answer is no, then full foot fins will do just fine. Going for the open heel option is also more expensive and with the addition of boots, can add significantly to the cost. One thing to note if choosing the full foot fins option is that sometimes they can cause blisters to your feet. Wearing neoprene socks or just normal socks will get rid of this problem.

There are numerous STYLES of fins. They are:
1) Split fins that have as the name suggests a split down the centre of the fin allowing water to spin directly behind the diver, maximising efficiency.
2) Paddle style fins that move water behind the diver in an up and down motion, creating thrust.
3) Classic style fins that use the same paddle style design but are generally wider, creating more of a surface area needed when moving heavier equipment through the water. They're also generally vented to reduce stress on the diver's legs. This style of fins is very popular in Tec Diving, where a diver may have to dive with many tanks.
4) Radical design fins are new styles and shapes of fins that sometimes mimic marine animals. Divers that use these fins get a new edge in underwater efficiency.

After reading this article, you should be able to go out and pick the right fins for your diving needs.

Drowning doesn't look like Drowning

This enlightening article on what drowning looks like may change the way you watch your children the next time they go swimming.

Drowning victim, splashing, gasping for airDrowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

Whether you work near water, live near water, intend to be anywhere near water in the future and most especially if you plan to bring your family on a holiday near water, please set aside the 5 minutes it will take to read this article before you do.

With so many beautiful beaches along the west coast of Koh Lanta, it's no wonder it's becoming a favourite destination for young and old alike and is the perfect place for friends and families to visit. Once the monsoon weather departs, swimmers of all ages get to enjoy the pristine water and bask in the glorious sunshine.

As divers, we work hard to ensure diving is fun, exciting and above all safe. But not everyone dives, and sometimes it's easy to forget how many people come to our beaches to just swim and enjoy that wonderful feeling of freedom you get by just floating in the sea. Please take the time to ensure that you, your family, friends or your children get to enjoy it safely.

Antigravity goes Tec

This season Anti Gravity are excited to be offering a number of new courses, from PADI Sidemount Diver Courses to Tec 50 Courses. 

PADI TecRec, Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, PADI Sidemount, Sidemount Diver, Tec Sidemount, Tec Diving Do you want more flexibility to move about in the water? Do you want to take the pressure off your back? Do you want to try something new?  Would you like an increased gas supply for longer dives? Then the PADI Sidemount Diver Course might be just what you are looking for.

The prerequisites for this course are to be 15 years old and a PADI Open Water Diver.  Experience the underwater world for longer and with greater freedom of movement.

Or maybe you feel it's time to see the things that were previously beyond the limits
of recreational diving? Maybe you feel the need for greater challenge? Or maybe it's just time to try out all those cool toys that tec divers always have.
PADI TecRec, Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, PADI Sidemount, Sidemount Diver, Tec Sidemount, Tec Diving 
Then maybe it is time for you to consider enrolling in the PADI Tec 40 Course, PADI Tec 45 Course or PADI Tec 50 Diver Course.

With these courses, you get to make actual decompression dives as deep as 50 meters, use enriched air nitrox and/or oxygen for decompression and even qualify to make technical decompression dives independently. You use recreational scuba equipment, with some minor additions to enhance your ability to deal with tec diving conditions. 

Are you ready for the challenge? Anti Gravity Divers are!

New Dive Season 2012/13

scuba diving season 2012 2013 October cannot come soon enough! That is how we feel about the coming dive season!

Anti Gravity Divers is getting ready to kick off the new season this coming October. We have all enjoyed the monsoon season, between visiting family, diving in various locations around the globe, weddings, meeting new divers and getting to dive with our friends we've made over the last few years, teaching instructors, eating good food and generally enjoying life as dive instructors :)

diving krabi thailandHowever, during this time we have not forgotten our goal to make diving the beautiful waters around Koh Lanta accessible to everyone and striving to make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We have lots of new additions to our diving arsenal this season, which we cannot wait to incorporate into our diving lives. We hope you have all enjoyed your summers, now it's time to prepare for high season on the west coast of Thailand.

If you have not made Christmas plans yet, or you are planning to spend your winter in Europe but are looking for a break from winter weather, or you just want to plan a quick weekend away over the coming months, then we are here to help you. We will keep you updated with our plans and promotions in the coming months. Right now we are just putting the final preparations together before we get ready for a season of fun, sun, sand, friends......oh, and not to mention incredible diving!

We hope you're ready....we certainly are!  Hope to see you all soon :)