Approaching the end of Season

diving 4 islands koh muk seahorse
February has been great fun and the season continues to bring us great dives and very hot weather - even though evening rain has reared it's head a few times. Angry Bird continues to take us to our favorite sites and we were extremely happy to see that there are still sea-horses at the 4-Islands and that the soft corals are thriving.  Our computers showed 30 degrees underwater at Koh Mook the other day which was like diving in a warm bath.

nudibranch koh waen koh kradanWe've made many more new friends this month and had many memorable days at Koh Ha with our new divers, as well as having some of our previous divers join us for another round.  Conditions are really nice, warm blue water and great visibility.  Koh Ha continues to provide us with stunning dives, and we have even been lucky enough to see Whalesharks at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.  

soft coral emerald cave 4 islands Thanks as always to all who dive with us and share our underwater (and above water) experiences. We are looking forward to more excellent diving in March, and right now we are enjoying the slight breeze that is breaking up this hot hot weather.  Hope you all are well, and we hopefully will get to share more experiences with you all in the future.

Happy Diving :)