Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012

diving koh haa porky porcupine puffer
January 2012 already and what a year it's been.  'MV Angry Bird' is at Koh Ha today, students in the pool, and the last signs of Christmas are being taken down at the resorts.

High Season came with a bang. It turns out that many people's New Year Resolutions were to take up Scuba Diving in 2012.  We've already made many new friends in the first few days of the new year and hopefully the season continues this way.

koh ha krabi starfish lagoonOur new boat has served us well.  Originally built in the 1960's, the boat has had many different lives, and we hope this one is it's most successful.  We have taken Angry Bird to the seahorses at the 4-Islands in the south, Koh Rok with it's beautiful beaches, Koh Ha for the ghostpipefish and stunning corals and of course to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang - host of the Mantas and Whalesharks.  Thank you Koh Lanta for your divesites  :)

Thanks as always to all who work/eat/support/relax/laugh/dive with us, hope you all have a great year, Happy 2012!