Snorkelling Trips

Snorkelling in the Andaman Sea just off Koh Lanta is an unforgettable experience. Located around stunningly beautiful tropical islands, the sites around Koh Lanta are home to vibrant and colourful corals, and boast an abundance of tropical fish-life.

snorkel trip, snorkelling Koh Ha
Koh Ha to the west, is a group of 5 islets suitable for both diving and snorkelling. This area is home to about 12 great sites, and it is quite common to experience 30m+ visibility here. A beautiful lagoon area is perfect for snorkelling, where you can see anything from sharks and stingrays to turtles and barracudas. Elsewhere, caves and a small beach, small islands and sheer cliffs surround the crystal clear water. Koh Ha truly has some of the best snorkelling Lanta has to offer.

Koh Bida gives the opportunity to admire beautiful gorgonian fans, and is a favoured spot to see leopard sharks. This dive site is located within the Phi Phi national park and is about an hour by boat from Koh Lanta.

snorkel trip, snorkelling Koh Muk, 4-Islands, Emerald Cave
Koh Muk to the south of Koh Lanta, is home to the famous 'Emerald Cave' where a hidden entrance leads you 80m inside the island, to one of the most spectacular sights Thailand has to offer. A beautiful white sandy beach is located within the hidden lagoon, completely surrounded by sheer cliffs - a truly unforgettable sight. Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai offers beautiful snorkelling with beautiful powder-sand beaches.
Koh Rok is most famous for it's beaches and snorkelling. Shallower than the other dive sites, it hosts a wide variety of coral formations. Moray eels, nudibranches and big red octopuses can be found hidden amongst the coral gardens.