Airlines Flying to Krabi Airport

There are many Budget Airlines that offer great deals for flights to Krabi. We have listed some of them below and some schedules for the most common flights.

We arrange pickup from Krabi Airport that will bring you right to Amantra Resort where we are based. We also arrange return transfer to the Airport. Please do not choose a morning flight (before 11.30am) as you need to allocate enough time for the ferry crossings when leaving the island.

Some websites for comparing cheap flights

Some of the Airlines flying into Krabi

 Malaysian Airlines
 Malindo Air

Flights we can recommend

 Airline  From  To  Dep  Dep  Dep  Dep
 AirAsia  KUL  Krabi  07.00  13.15  16.25
 AirAsia  Krabi  KUL  14.25  17.20
 Malindo  Penang  Krabi  11.15
 Malindo  Krabi  Penang  12.30  14.05
 AirAsia  Singapore  Krabi  15.00
 AirAsia  Krabi  Singapore  11.30
 TigerAir  Singapore  Krabi  10.05
 TigerAir  Krabi  Singapore  11.50
 AirAsia  Bangkok  Krabi  07.10  09.05  11.40  13.50
 AirAsia  Krabi  Bangkok  13.30  15.35  16.10  17.50

Upcoming IDC & IE Dates 2014

IDC Lanta PoolIDC - October/November 2014

24 Oct to 26 Oct - IDC PREP
27 Oct to 07 Nov - IDC
08 Nov to 09 Nov - IE
11 Nov to 15 Nov - MSDT PREP

Come join us for some "serious fun"... :)

Anti Gravity Divers started conducting PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC) on Koh Lanta in April 2013 in association with GoPro IDC Lanta and Platinum Course Director Azman Sulaiman.

Instructor Development Course, Koh Lanta, KrabiAre you a Divemaster who is ready to take your Diving Career to the next level or a diver who dreams of being able to share your passion with others?

Do you want to live your dream of introducing others to our amazing underwater world and have a career that lets you travel the world?

This is your chance. Ready to transform your life?

PADI Course Director Azman Sulaiman has been awarded the prestigious Platinum PADI Course Director rating since the first year PADI introduced this award in 2005. Platinum rating is awarded only to PADI Course Directors who train at least 100 PADI Instructor candidates during each calendar year with the highest success rate and have a strong PADI Instructor level continuing education program. There were only 63 PADI Course Directors worldwide who received the PADI Platinum Course Director rating in 2009. In 2009 Azman certified more than 200 Instructor candidates from PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) up to PADI IDC Staff Instructor (IDCSI). 

PADI Professional-Level Training:

  • Helps you expand your knowledge of dive theory.
  • Teaches you to apply the PADI System to confined water skills, knowledge development presentations, and open water training.
  • Provides career opportunities worldwide.
  • Expands your knowledge of scuba gear.
  • Enables you to meet and network with other dive professionals worldwide.
  • Provides you with professional continuing education options.
  • Lets you do what you love!  

There are hundreds of PADI Course Directors and PADI IDC Centers around the world offering PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC), but not all PADI IDCs are the same.

PADI Go Pro Thailand
Our PADI Instructor Development programs has been proven to be successful and conducted to the highest quality available in Asia. GoProMalaysia and Azman have received several PADI Instructor Development awards and recognitions in the last 8 years! We are the winner of PADI Asia Pacific PADI Instructor Development Award for two consecutive years - 2009 and 2010!

For more details about this IDC contact us here. And contact PADI Course Director Azman Sulaiman for more information about all his PADI GoPro and PADI Instructor Development Courses on The Perhentian Islands Malaysia and Koh Lanta Thailand.

Are you ready to take the plunge and transform your life?

    Zero to Hero - Beginner to Pro

    Beginner Diver to PADI Professional…
    Heading for a career in Scuba Diving?

    Your first diving experience may be like a fish taking to water, the equipment feels comfortable and buoyancy control comes naturally to you. Alternatively it might be more like a buffalo crossing an African river full of crocodiles...awkward, nerve wracking and far from graceful! Either way once you descend and get a good look at life below you will be awe-struck, fascinated and hungry for more. 

    For most people, that first time kneeling on the ocean floor and taking a moment to relax, letting the inquisitive fish swim around so close among the sway of water, then looking up to see the sun twinkling on the surface and breaking through into majestic beams of light, is the moment they realise that this will not be the last time. Good dive professionals will make you feel safe, confident and enthusiastic and they make it look like a breeze because they enjoy their job. 

    Such individuals can inspire the idea of becoming a dive professional yourself. But what do you need to do to get to this level? Can anyone do it? The first step would be to make a plan for your time and also your finances. Diving courses can be expensive but absolutely worth the price!

    You must first pass your Open Water Course (3-4 days) in which you will study diving theory after which you must pass an exam to complete the course. You will master certain skills initially in the pool and then in the ocean. During this course you will learn about equipment function, safety and emergency procedures for both yourself and your buddy. You will learn everything you need to experience our underwater world. 

    Advanced Course (2-3 days) will fine-tune your competency and judgement. You will learn more about marine life and the importance of your respect for the ocean. You will learn how it feels to dive at depth during your deep dive, and the importance of dive plans and being a conservative and safe diver. You will have better buoyancy control and air consumption. 

    Rescue Diver (3 days) and EFR (Emergency First Response) will take you through the more serious diving emergency procedures, including how to rescue panicked or unconscious divers both on the surface and at depth, and how to deal with immediate first aid in any situation.  

    After this, you are free to move onto the first step of becoming a dive professional, your Dive Master Course. Bear in mind you must have 40 logged dives before you can start this programme so make a plan and keep diving! For many people the DM course is a stepping stone to becoming an Instructor, or if photography is your thing then you may want to become a DM then focus on underwater photography as a career. These are some options to consider. 

    Where do you want to do your DM Course? Study the suitability of countries and options, this course will take a minimum of around three weeks in order to cover all topics and gain sufficient experience. Some shops offer internships, which allow you to work in all areas of the dive shop and boat, this may take much more time but provide you with valuable experience and knowledge of career possibilities within the industry. For more detailed info, check out this video from PADI.

    Next up? Your PADI Instructor Development Course. Here you will be guided through everything you need to be able to pass on your love of the sea to others. You will be able to introduce people to our amazing underwater world and get to witness first-hand the awe that new divers experience - that same awe you had yourself when you first started diving :)

    Being a PADI Pro will take dedication, patience, fitness, health and an eagerness to learn. Are you a team player? Are you a natural leader? Are you energetic and keen to take care of the safety and happiness of your customers? Most importantly are you dedicated to Scuba Diving and the protection of marine life? If the answers to these questions are yes then you are definitely on the path to a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle and career!